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Our Mission, History and everything you need to know about Ariel Child Welfare.



Our founding story in one line can be summed up as a group of friends who wanted to be the change we wanted to see in the community around us. The mission is to provide better access to education and uplift underprivileged communities with access to information with the goal of driving down dropout rates, child marriages, and child drug consumption.


Our Story starts in a Slum Community in Basavangudi with over 150 children who are smart, creative, and energetic but limited by their circumstances. We call this community "Project Pearl" because pearls are an accurate representation of this community. We spent around 3 hours every week for 2 years since 2018 to educate them in Hygiene, Art, Ethics, and English. Over the course of time, we learned about the various social needs of this community. We were shocked how some of their decisions influenced by a lack of vision or understanding of the opportunities lead the community to poor education & health, childhood drug abuse, single parents, child marriage, caste divisions, generational daily wage laborers, and many other social problems. ​We could not just pretend that it was not something that we couldn't change. We have had the support of our many friends who have volunteered and inspired us to start this as a volunteer-driven organization so that we can all be a part of something bigger than ourselves. So we officially registered our trust as Ariel Child Welfare in 2020 and started this journey towards the mission.

This mission is to inspire, protect, enrich, empower and uplift children in areas of physical, mental, and social well-being. Our singular goal is to build better infrastructures in the fields of education, health, and safety for children. Children are the pillars of the future, aren't they?



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Titus Moses


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Theajus Moses


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We're grateful for the support and partnership we have with these organizations. Our partner organizations enable us to achieve our mission and reach results faster. It makes the mission exciting to have our partners join the cause. 

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